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To: Daniel L. Migliore Ph.D and Colleagues; Princeton Theological Seminary


From: Nathan J. Isbell - UWF B.S. Marketing '84; humbled witness for Jesus Christ


Understanding the Resurrection of the “Body of Christ”
and the Will of God


Dear Dr. Migliore,


The Second Coming/Resurrection of Christ is dependent upon mankind following the unrevealed Will of God (Rev 5:1-5). Hidden within scripture is the “Last Acts” of Kings to build our Lord His Promised Kingdom (1 Chronicles 29:29 & 2 Chronicles 9:29). Not a “House of Cedar”, but an eternal entity blessing all mankind. “Birthrights” are the Key to mankind's Salvation, the collective personal financial/spiritual Legacies entered into the “Book of Life” will facilitate His Holy Healing Hand upon our children and children's children as undeniable proof of His Ethereal Existence. Hence the Rapture of the Deceased will erect His Promised Kingdom and create a Debt-Free America in 3 generations.


If true knowledge from God is to be accepted, it must interpret spiritual metaphor combined with scientific fact for the Will of God to be practical in the Evolution of mankind. The “Body of Christ” is only resurrected via the Bloodline /”Birthrights” of mankind that financially fuels His Earthly Kingdom to fulfill the Healing role metaphorically, spiritually and physically intended for Him to dwell among us for eternity. We must crown Christ as our   Proto-Ancestor to a spiritual World for our own Salvation of a earthly World. The fate of mankind will be determined by the ancestors we all will become and a Legacy of Debt that enslaves our descendants to debt bondage is not God's Will. $16 + Trillion and compounding.


A humbled interpretation of the Will of God submitted for public scrutiny;


Utilizing the mathematically proven principles of Compound Interest and Rule of 72, this concept of bequeathing life long accumulated assets via personal foundations/Legacies/”Birthrights” can eternally provide taxable Passive Income to Heirs, fuel Wall Street, create Jobs, rebuild Social Security/Medicare, facilitate Welfare, support Charities, orchestrate Free Healthcare, overcome Global Hunger, unite World Theologies to Action, answer the “Fiscal Wake Up Tour” challenge, fulfill the “Last Acts” of Kings and subsequently achieve World Peace – all funded and orchestrated by the eternal COMPOUND INTEREST from the personal Estates/Legacies of the Deceased that collectively build His Promised Kingdom securing the prophetically misinterpreted Second Coming of Jesus Christ the Proto-Ancestor to a spirit World.


I AM... all I Will. I WILL... all I Am. Beginning and End”

- Our One Ethereal God of Abraham


"The Most Powerful Apocalyptic Cataclysm in the Universe is Faith in God Compounding the Birthrights/Legacies of Mankind for our own Salvation; 12,000 X 12,000" 
 Ophiuchus; E Pluribus Unum


Dr. Migliore, I want to Thank You in advance if you elect to deliver this Gift of Grave importance. I pray you are the voice of another Witness for Christ. I know that it will take time to digest this message, but could you please confirm receipt of this email so I know you've received it.


Humbled Witness,


Nathan Jerome Isbell

"SELF" Proclaimed African/Christian Theologian


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- Ophiuchus; E Pluribus Unum