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Apocalypse of "SELF" Destruction
or Enlightenment?

3rdAssignment Fall 2012 UWF


REL 4420 Contemporary Theology




What is Christology? In your response show how Christology relates to the Christian understanding of creation, evil, history and humanity. (Due 11/1/2012)




Christology is the knowledge of a Christ LIKE moral turpitude and a personal quest to practice the teachings of Christ in our own lives. We face quandaries that require an immediate response and our decisions are either Christ LIKE or Anti-Christ LIKE, then we live with the consequences derived thereof. The problem with making these decisions is we all inherently have the Beast “SELF” within us due to the “First Sin” and typically have a very limited frame of reference to draw upon. It is imperative to recognize how the Beast “SELF” came to such dominion over the decisions of mankind.

In the beginning there is God, the Creator of everything; (i.e. Existence) and then there is man's interpretation of God. Adam and Eve understood the parameters of the Garden of Eden and made a personal choice to engage in the forbidden after the temptation. The fruit to be indulged was the fruit of a woman; (i.e. Eve), the most tempting of all fruit known to man. Who's to say the multicolor of the seed permeated into mankind.

Mankind can only assume this “First Sin” was of sexual orientation due to fig leafs being used to shamefully conceal genitals after their lust filled sinful act. They were instructed to “be fruitful and multiply”, but not to engage with the Serpent of Evil (i.e. threesome, mmf, gang bang, orgy). It is written that Eve gave birth to Cain and “shortly after” Abel; fraternal twins? The seed of Lucifer (Cain) scripturally slew the seed of Adam (Abel), thus the bloodline of Lucifer and God are procreated within all mankind and the “Battle” internally wages within the minds of man contemplating decisions that are “SELF” or “SAVED” (i.e. Anti-Christ LIKE or Christ LIKE).

Literal misinterpretations do not concede the Evil that wages war with our personal decisions as being inherently within us all. Understanding the Beast “SELF” is within ALL MEN, will conceivably enable mankind to prophetically throw Lucifer into a metaphoric “Lake of Fire for 1000yrs”. Evil is inherently within all of our hearts and can only be restrained with a Christ LIKE moral turpitude when making personal decisions of our own free will (i.e. our Covenant with God).

To understand how mankind will evolve, man must know how mankind has evolved. As the history of mankind unfolds, the Beast “SELF” may in fact be triumphant and hinder the Second Coming of Christ creating “SELF” destruction. Hence the Salvation of mankind is at an apocalyptic apex of the personal decisions (i.e. Free Wills/Legacies) of man to achieve the prophetic Rapture of the deceased. 12-21-2012? When Father?

Let's continue with Abraham's quest to proclaim mankind having just One Ethereal God, even defying his own biological father the idol maker. Abraham and Sarah set out on their journey seeking God's Will and traveled through Egypt where Pharaoh took Sarah into his own house to be one of his many wives. Abraham would not continue his quest seeking the Will of God without his beloved Sarah and waited for God to persuade the Pharaoh to release her. After God Sent plagues had fallen upon the Pharaoh's house, he released Sarah as well as an Egyptian Slave girl “Hagar” to be her servant.

Both Abraham and Sarah knew the importance of procreating Abraham's seed while Sarah went unable to conceive. By Sarah's direction, Hagar was to be used as a surrogate mother for the seed of Abraham. Hagar birthed Ishmael and the three parents lovingly raised and schooled the boy that would rule over Nations (i.e. Islam).

As Ishmael grew older Sarah had become aged and her fertility dried up, yet God enabled her to conceive at an age that was a miracle in and of itself. Isaac was a gift from God and Sarah became protective for his very life. She feared jealousy would cause Hagar to conspire for her son Ishmael to receive Abraham's blessing and warned him of the consequences if God's chosen child were to be eliminated (death). Abraham reluctantly and brokenheartedly agreed with Sarah's Beastly “SELF”ish insight.

Islam celebrates the pilgrimage of Abraham to Mecca where he banished Hagar and Ishmael to fend for themselves. Today this pilgrimage is a quest for redemption from a Loving Merciful God that protected and provided for the first born of Abraham to procreate a new Nation. Only those of Muslim faith are permitted to make the pilgrimage, enforced by the present Laws of the Saudi Arabian government. Forgive my limited frame of reference concerning Islam, but I understand the prophet Muhammad was responsible for reconciling the idol worshiping that had crept back into the Muslim faith at Mecca and it was Muhammad that exalted the One Ethereal God of Abraham.

There is question to which child actually was offered to God as sacrifice, Ishmael or Isaac, but the “blind faith” commitment of Abraham to follow God's Will is what is relevant. Isaac matured with great guidance from his father Abraham and “Birthrights” were the unexplained message from God, but of grave perceived Godly importance. Isaac was to receive this blessing and went on to marry Rebekah whom birthed two sons; fraternal twins, Esau and Jacob.

Rebekah claims to have had a premonition from God that instructed her to manipulate who would receive Isaac's blessing. God was telling her that the “Birthright” is not just for the first born, but all born as a break from cultural tradition in my humbled opinion.

A hesitant conspirator Jacob seized an opportunity to make the deception legitimate by offering a hungry Esau a mere bowl of soup in exchange for his “Birthright” and the timing was right. Esau saw no value to his “Birthright” and made the exchange to meet the immediate hunger needs of “SELF” gratification. A deal had been consummated preying upon the ignorance of Esau's limited frame of reference for future development.

Now the premeditated plot to deceive Isaac was concocted by mother and son at God's perceived bequest. This elaborate scheme would utilize the old age blindness of Isaac to fulfill Jacob's destiny to receive a blessing of favor that had been passed from not only Abraham to Ishmael and Isaac, but from God Himself.

Foreseeing the retaliatory repercussions of the deception, Rebekah sent Jacob to her brother to seek refuge from Esau. Jacob began to work for his uncle and fell in love with his younger daughter Rachel. Jacob had made a deal with his uncle to marry his daughter for seven years of service and when the time came to collect his bride, Jacob had fallen into a deception himself; a curse he carried in his heart of his own betrayal.

His uncle deliberately got Jacob drunk and switched daughters at the wedding ceremony which seals the marriage with the first night of intercourse. Jacob awakes to discover he had been swindled and confronts his uncle. His uncle explains his arrangement was for a daughter and how could he marry off the younger before the eldest. Furious, Jacob begins to pack up to leave when his uncle presented a new deal of seven years more service for the immediate marriage of Rachel.

Jacob agrees to the new deal because he knew his love for Rachel would leave a hole in his heart forever if he left her. As Jacob began to repay his debt of servitude, Leah (the eldest daughter) began to have children and Rachel could not conceive. Concubines were given by both Rachel and Leah to procreate more sons. When the debt of seven years was repaid it was time for Jacob to go and yet another deal would be presented by the crafty uncle. A wager of colored sheep that would come to make Jacob a wealthy man out witting his uncle before continuing his own journey seeking the Will of God.

Jacob must find peace within his heart for what he had done to Esau and returns home (Canaan) to ask of his brother's forgiveness. Jacob offers all his wealth to his brother and Esau forgives as a wealthy man of spirit himself. Esau invites Jacob and his family to join them, but Jacob proceeds on his own journey to establish a new land as God compels him. Jacob would then go on to take a given name and land from God; Israel.

Leah has four sons and Jacob has sired more sons via concubines before the good news of Rachel's pregnancy. Rachel gives birth to Joseph who instantly is the favored son and then dies giving birth to another; Benjamin. Joseph is tutored by Jacob as his brothers worked to fulfill the families needs, thus creating tremendous animosity. Jacob paraded Joseph in front of his brothers in a new robe Jacob had made himself as a gift and this became the tipping point of jealous rage for the non-entitled brothers (like tax payers).

Joseph pleaded with his father to allow him to go with his brothers in the fields and once there proceeds to tell them of his dream that they would bow down to him. Joseph is thrown into a pit to hold before being sold as a slave to traveling merchants. The brothers returned to their father Jacob with a bloodied robe and a story of Joseph's death.

Joseph finds himself in Egypt a slave, but possessing the wisdom passed down from father to son since Abraham. His knowledge of accounting was quickly recognized and he became responsible for his Egyptian Master's house; Potiphar. Potiphar's wife was also impressed with Joseph, but not for his intellect. Her failed attempts to seduce Joseph lands him in prison without rebuttal and he is innocently condemned for assault.

While in prison Joseph meets the Pharaoh's condemned baker and wine taster while they discussed their dreams. Although Joseph was learned in many things attributed to his education, interpreting dreams was a gift from God. Joseph listened to the dreams of the two men and his interpretation was a delight to the wine taster and dreadful to the baker. Joseph's interpretations came true, the baker was killed and the wine taster returned to the Palace having knowledge of Joseph's unique gift as a dream interpreter.

The dreams of Pharaoh were tormenting his every thought and no one among them could ease his pain. The Pharaoh's redeemed wine taster reluctantly mentions Joseph and his dream interpreting abilities, Joseph is immediately summoned before Pharaoh. Pharaoh's dreams are interpreted as seven years of feast and seven years of famine and great plans must be made to prepare for the years of famine if the Egyptian Empire were to survive. Joseph is assigned the task of orchestrating those plans and is elevated to a new position of power only short of the Pharaoh's own. He is given the daughter of Potiphar as wife and the Egyptian name Zaphenat-Pa'aneah meaning “he who is called”.

Joseph is able to make peace with his brothers and reunited with Jacob. This would appear to be a very happy ending for the bloodline of Jacob, but what about the rest of the story (i.e. the Israelite's that are forced to relinquish all their wealth to feed their families to avoid STARVATION). Joseph's proclamation was to those who could not pay for provisions with money (i.e. Silver & Gold), could pay with other assets like deeds to family land and livestock. A desperate man will relinquish assets at a fraction of their true value, as we witnessed with Esau. Pharaoh wasn't selling, Pharaoh was buying.

I will speak in tongues to resonate this message:

Potter isn't selling, Potter is buying” - It's a Wonderful Life

Too bad there wasn't a George Bailey to go to before giving away your inheritance at a fraction of it's worth just to survive. Now all we have to fear is a 55% Death Tax.

Egypt gained great wealth from Joseph's dream interpretation and inadvertently enslaved his own people compounded by generations of time. What can a man offer for the means of survival if not money, debt or servitude? A promise to pay for goods received today at a agreed upon settlement (i.e. loan) and “Debtor's Prison” was the law of the land. If the head of the household were to go into debt and default, his entire family pays the price and is enslaved to those who hold said debt (Like we are doing to our descendants. I have to wonder who will be the TAX-Masters over my children's children).

If I were to interpret the Pharaoh's dream today, I'd say the Entitled/Corrupt are gobbling up the tax payers and when finished will still be starving just as the Pharaoh's thin cows remained thin after cannibalism. How much is $16 TRILLION Dollars anyway, jeez... have we lost our minds catering to a slothful Beastly “SELF”ish humanity to remain in political power? So how many generations does it take to enslave an army of humanity with debt? The same three generations it takes to build our Lord His Promised Kingdom. Three generations create 14+ Tax slaves or 14+ taxable Legacies checks saving mankind from the “Golden Rule” (i.e. He Who Owns the Gold/Silver/Debt Makes the Rules).

I have to wonder this time around if mankind will accept inherited indentured servitude via the whips of the TAX-Master's or will we follow an apocalyptic “SELF” destructive end of mankind? I would speculate the latter and of course this is an increasingly obvious “SELF” destructive option to fulfill the 12-21-2012 Apocalypse prophecy.

Let's advance in time to Moses unknowing of his own heritage, mentally struggles and witnesses the continuation of human suffering through Egyptian enslavement. After a revelation of his own Hebrew heritage, he became compelled to right a humanitarian wrong and relinquished his lucrative Egyptian role of master over men. The story of Moses is novel and ultimately frees the descendants of slaves from the bondage of debt created by their ancestors (Again, how much is $16 Trillion Dollars and growing?).

Generations pass and the desire for a governmental infrastructure was needed to create Law and Order for the people to live by. Israelites demanded a earthly King and the prophet Samuel anointed King Saul as the first government to establish a Godly communal infrastructure for mankind. The Beast “SELF” within King Saul could not hear God and he began to take matters into his own hands without consulting Samuel.

The prophet Samuel realized that King Saul was not the appropriate choice to orchestrate the Will of God and sought out David. David being the youngest son of Jesse was merely a lad tending sheep, but when confronted with adversity slew the Giant Philistine Goliath and warranted a reputation that would ultimately be despised by a egotistical King Saul with the Beast “SELF” inherently in his heart.

King Saul feared losing his newly anointed power and began to pursue David relentlessly. David proved his love for the King by not capitalizing on an opportunity to kill his anointed assailant. King Saul would go on to pursue his own military strategies that compromised his life as well as his son Johnathan (friend of David) in battle.

David assumes his anointed role as King, married and beget heirs to the throne. The lustful Beast “SELF” inherently within King David would go on to sin by taking Uriah the Hittite's wife; Bathsheba, to his bed. David sent Uriah in harms way where he would surely be killed and took Bathsheba as wife of his own “SELF”ish free will.

Bathsheba conceived the seed of King David and God punished this sin of lust by the bastard child being stillborn. The prophet Nathan used a parable of a rich man taking from a poor man for King David to become outraged and demand the rich man pay retribution. Nathan told David the rich man was him and David collapsed with the revelation he had condemned himself of his own sins of lust. King David and Bathsheba would soon birth Solomon who became the anointed heir to the throne.

Temporary peace was upon King David's house and he consulted the prophet Nathan concerning a vision of erecting a Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant, an unfulfilled act of benevolence in Honor of our Creator. Nathan first told David his thoughts were blessed and to “go for IT”, but later cautioned David it was not his place to build God's Eternal Kingdom, but the task of his seed; “kinsman redeemer”.

An assumption was made that Solomon would build this Kingdom and his Temple building efforts were historically destroyed by the Babylonian King Nebakanezer. Both King David and King Solomon misinterpreted God's Will for a Promised Kingdom and who would actually fulfill the prophetic “Last Acts” of Kings. God does not require a “house of cedar”, but an eternal entity built by the Legacies of mankind to house our Covenant with God, “Of Our Own Free Will”; Gods Legacy Trust LLC.

In God We Trust”...

King Solomon was born into an entitled essence and proved his worth to be an accepted King by presiding over a controversial court case requiring the Wisdom of God. This wisdom would cease to propagate to an anointed heir due to King Solomon's heart break over what he couldn't have; The Queen of Sheba. Kings would come and go without the wisdom of governing in a manner consistent with the Will of God, consequently governing with the Will of the Beast “SELF” inherent within All Men.

As proclaimed by the prophet Samuel before anointing Saul King, prophets would come to keep the government of man in check with God's Will for us. Generations pass and the lineage of King David, the Tribe of Judah, would be blessed with the seed of God; prophet of Salvation, Our Savior and Proto-Ancestor to the spirit World Jesus Christ.

The message of Hope, Love, Charity and Healing is the Legacy Christ leaves as a Christology of moral turpitude and He awaits His Promised Kingdom to dwell among us metaphorically, physically and spiritually. His Legacy is a moral compass and a quest for a relationship with the hearts of All Men via His Holy Spirit He scripturally promised to send back for the Salvation of mankind; “The Wonderful Counselor”.

Many will fake “IT” to make “IT” and their actions have calloused the hearts of men into disbelief of a hidden God with an agenda of finality, the finality of His prophetic Second Coming. There are many misinterpretations of the “Good News” and businesses/churches have financially thrived believing they are doing the Will of God. The Body of Christ can only be resurrected with the bloodline of mankind that builds His Healing Promised Kingdom. He will make His Holy presence known as He Lovingly touches our children's children with His Healing Hand funded by the personal Legacies recorded in the prophetic “Book of Life”. God will take account in judgment.

Mankind is at a pivotal point in our evolvement and a choice must be made. Do we continue a Beastly apocalyptic path securing the “SELF” destruction of humanity as can be seen on any TV or can we unite World theologies, fulfill the “Last Acts” of Kings, enthrone Christ as our eternal earthly King and achieve World Peace with the unveiling of the Will of God; The World's Largest Enigma, The Seven Sealed Scroll Rev 5:1-5?